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Signature Dishes

Taste your way through our delicious and handcrafted menu, carefully curated with your taste buds in mind. We know that you’ll find yourself on an exciting culinary journey at Badmaash Kebabi, and we invite you to come back for more.


Mutton Galouti kebab

A truly melt-in-your-mouth dish, galawati kebab or galouti kebab is prepared with finely ground meat and unripe papaya, which is seasoned with a rich blend of spices. The egg is used to bind the meat and other ingredients like crushed ginger and garlic, and fried onion, together.

This blend is then shaped into thin, round patties and lightly fried in ghee (clarified butter) on a pan. Once a golden sizzle is seen on the exterior of the patties, they are taken off the heat and served with a generous helping of raw onions and lemon

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Lucknowi Biryani

Lucknowi Biryani has a uniquely delicate flavour and rich fragrance. In preparing this unique dish, the meat and the rice are cooked separately and then layered in a pot that is placed
over a low flame.  

This unique style was introduced by the Nawabs of Awadh.

This new way of cooking is known as the dum style. As per dum style, food is to be cooked on low flame so as to retain its original flavours. Cooking over a slow fire for long hours also ensures that the food is thoroughly cooked and the spices get evenly roasted thus adding an edge to the flavour.


Pasanda Kebabs

Pasanda is another delicious variety of kebab that is cooked with marinated pieces of mutton and slow-cooked in a thick gravy. Pasanda kebabs are extremely soft in texture and served
with kulchas / Ulta Tawa Paratha or Keema Naan.

The dish is considered to be very iconic and garnished with Sparkling Chaat Masala.



Korma is a cherished South Asian dish with Mughlai origins. The word ‘korma‘ (or qorma) means ‘to braise’, or pan-sear. Chicken Korma’s distinguishing features are its use of whole
spices, a rich yoghurt masala, and a layer of ghee on top.


Boti Kebabs

 Boti kebab is a variety of Indian kebab consisting of chunks of meat (lamb, mutton, chicken) that are soaked in a mixture of yoghurt, garlic, ginger, chilis, papaya, and spices such
as garam masala, chilli powder, and cumin.

These kebabs are typically enjoyed as a snack or an appetizer and are usually accompanied by raw onions, lemon wedges, various chutneys, or Indian bread on the side.


Kakori Kebabs

Nawab Syed Mohammad Haider Kazmi, a local chief of Kakori district arranged a party for one of his British accomplices during the mango season. The Nawab served the best of
Awadhi cuisine for his foreign friends, including the very popular seekh kebabs. His lavish Khatirdari took a major setback when a British official made a mean remark about the course and chewy texture of the Seekh Kebabs.

The offended Nawab asked his Rakabdars and khansamas to design a tender version of those kebabs, the very next day.

The cooks spent many days and nights in the royal kitchen to create a more refined variant of the kebabs and
then after about ten days of rigorous experimentation, they came up with what is now popularly known as the Kakori Kebabs. These kebabs have a very fine, soft and smooth

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Chicken Masala

Chicken flavoured with fragrant aromatic spices marinated in yoghurt, herbs in a thick gravy consisting of cashew nuts, khas khas, peanuts, and muskmelon seeds cooked on tawa is an exceptionally delicious and mouth-watering the dish. In this preparation, the whole chicken is tied with thread and cooked with masala for more than 6 hours. 

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